Cupcakes makes me Happy {Happy Saturday}


This weekend looks good, the weather in Miami will go down because a cold front is coming our way...Yayyy let's see how "cool". I know the answer:  Instead of our usual 90's degree , the temps are going to be around 88 1/2 degrees, am I right? But let's enjoy those "cool temperatures" for the weekend and please do something nice and cool today.

I am starting my saturday choosing a cupcake for breakfast and not just any cupcake, has to be orange because orange it's the offical color of Halloween, plus Orange is the color of the pumpkins, turning leaves and bonfire flames and lets decorate them (my kids now want everything with pennants and cupcake toppers and as mother of two young childrem I need to please them and myself of course...

So let me see what I found on my cooking books and what inspiration do I find to decorate my saturday cupcakes :)

Ok.. this ones are ok... :) right? and  they are orange!!

These frankestein cupcakes looks super easy to make..and sure will impress my little ones (but they are not orange..) let's try to convice them to try something GREEN :) To make these cupcakes you just need of course a regular cupcake, a giant marshamallow, cover with some green sprinkles or green colored sugar, chocolate sprinkles on top, 2 mini marshamllows baking bits for the eyes  and candy licorice are the bolts ... Then pipe the eyes, scars as desired... easy, easy ;)
via Pinterest
This one looks is even more easy to make

Which one do you choose?

Have a bootiful day today!!! 


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