New Year's Eve Party Ideas

It's almost time for the ball to you have your decorations yet? Some quick ideas just  before New Year's Eve and we all are getting ready for the big celebration.. 

Countdown Toast: Have some fun with the countdown toast! Add numbers to the glasses, then have each person lift their glass when their number is chanted.

 Create a fabulous decoration for your bar area! 

A beautiful table setting

and most important have fun and celebrate the life that you have, the blessings and the good things to come...

ipseventplanners Studio

Happy New Year

This year has been totally AMAZING for me! I can’t say Thank You enough to all my readers, friends, clients and especially my dear husband Maurizio, my mom (my always helper and my friend Aida, (my very first client) for helping me build my dream!
There was also LOTS of work mixed in with all that fun

So thanks!! and have a wonderful and prosperous 2012 

Dough Histories

It is definitely hard to believe it is almost 2012!  But I never turn down a reason to celebrate, so bring it on, New Year! Let's get our tools out and craft up a festive party for New Year's Eve.

But today I just wanted to share this...

Let it dough !!

Berlin-based artist Christoph Niemann and his three sons played around with cookie dough. Their creations are pretty amazing.. right, 

You can find more about Niemman  in his blog :)

a tiny message for my loves

"To my husband and 2 kids who are my all. I send this card so very small. And though it's held by their fingertips. The love inside could sink ten ships."


tiny mail

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the happiest Christmas filled with an abundance of family, friends, love, laughter and constant thankfulness for life's blessings.

 Today, and everyday, I will try my very best to have a grateful heart and be conscious of my treasures.

Christmas Card Display

Each year I look forward to receiving Christmas cards and pictures from my friends and loved ones.  I really love to display each card, but more and more people are sending flat photo cards, which do not stand up  on their own. That’s why I came up with my Christmas card hanger. I just put some twine and clothes pin, It’s quick and easy, and can be hung anywhere, even vertically!

You can use also a cute ribbon to display your cards.. 

Santa Key {More ideas than time}

If you don't have a chimney or you leave a fire burning on Christmas Eve, your little ones might worry about how Santa Claus is going to get inside the house…

Well.. we all know that Santa has magic.. but we can make Santa's work a little bit lighter with a Santa Magical Key.
Santa's Magical Key
This key is very special.. as you can see, it won't work for you or me. I need to hang it just outside my door, close my eyes very tight because Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

and here is another one for more inspiration...

Happy Almost Christmas!!!


Chairs needs love too {Tutorial}

Don't limit the Christmas table decorations to the table. Chairs need love too.... Today I wanted to share a Tutorial that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. 

Felt in red and white
Printed template
Cute ribbons to decorate the reindeer and to close the chair covers.
Hand Punch
Hot Glue Gun


Print the template and Cut the reinders, stars and all the rest with the white felt (or other color that you choose)

Measure the back of the chair and cut 2 for each chair you want to decorate

Open the holes with the punch, so you can put later the ribbon

Take the reinder and glue the ribbon in one side, so you can make a bow later. 
Then you can apply hot glue to the red felt chair cover and put the rest of the decorations, like name tags, etc and finish closing the chair covers with a ribbon.


So cute and  festive! 

Merry crafting!

Haus De
 Bine Brändle.

Coffee Latte, Please

(copyright: Laila Karadeniz)

Do you need coffee and not sure where is the closest Starbucks???
 I use this app when I need to locate a nearest starbucks or want to see other coffee options...
You can download the app for iphone HERE

Many  agree that making a good cup of espresso coffee is an art within itself but coffee art refers to creative patterns made from the velvety milk foam skillfully poured into a rich creme-crowned espresso coffee...

Your espresso is the canvas, the milk is the paintbrush who is the artist?
the final is a masterpiece!
Here are some inspiration for your christmas coffee :)

For a very easy coffee art you can use stencils. These christmas art stencils can be found here

Eat, drink coffee and be merry !!!!


Gift Guide 2011 - Part 2

Ok first of all... Thanks for all your emails.. :) That makes my day in so many ways

Second as I promised, here is the 2nd part of the gift guide 2011, glad you liked the first part so lets take a look at the second part because who wants another pair of socks or a staid sweater??? That's boooring!!

Now we are dividing the gift by categories,

For the wine lovers

Wine bottle Oil lamp kit you can find it here

A FABULOUS gift idea for the music AND wine lover!
Wines that rock... here

Don't drink and drive... but if you drive a bike and love wine. This gift is for you:

For the chef or foodie lovers:

Receive organic olive oil from your tree in Italy :) 
Adorable floradoodle rolling pin

In love with this spice rack

For guys:

Whisky Stones Ideal for cooling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor

This Handpresso outdoor set has all you need to enjoy your favorite espresso on the move.

For the little boys
This drumset from
Their parents and neighboors will love you, wink

On your mark, get ready, GO!!
Ultra portable mobile speakers


For little girls

For big girls

Don't have any sparkle? Every girl can use a little sparkle all year long, but if there were an official sparkle season, this would be it. 

Your morning could be more brighter and enjoyable with this nespresso Aeroccino Milk frother

A self stirring mug from

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is now in the mood for the holidays... 

ps: Organise a secret Santa dinner with your friends. You still have time :)