23? You are gettin' owl !!!

I am sharing  with you this sweet party feature: "23? You are getting Owl Birthday Breakfast!!.
 I had such a fun time designing  this small but special breakfast party. When I started planning this one I knew that I wanted to have and Owl, they are cute and the birthday girl is a super cute, special young lady, isn't it?

Ok details… I tried a new recipe that a good friend of mine gave me… Yogurt and apple cake.. with almost not sugar… It was delicious, I just put some owls here and there and I think I looked pretty cool.

Also the cupcakes I saw it online and I tried to do it my own version… Well not everybody got the point .. (some of them think I was a little turtle, monkey, etc..) but the birthday girl .. got it.. She is an smart cookie.

We had fun and we did a mustache photo just because… :) not owl related ...

Ops I almost forgot to mention the coffee station.. whoooo wants coffee????

and my super duper cute multifunctional bottles.. I'm in love with them... never go out without them :)

Happy Birthday Almita!!!! xox

Design: Ips Event Planners
Cake: Ips Event Planners
Printables: HWTM

Stylish 45th Birthday Party

One of our dear friends just turned 45. This hot ladie in this cute dress is Angie... 

Well, we celebrated her birthday in his restaurant at Coral Gables, Florida. She's the kind of person whose house is truly a home, who will cook you the best food EVER, and that's why she is the Chef at this awesome place. She will turn just about any old party into a tequila dance fest. We are so lucky to know her and to call her friend. And If you knew her, you'd be lucky too.

So what to do, when someone fabulous like this turns 45? This hardly was up to par but we wanted to share anyway.

A photobooth :)

The cake wasn't it fabulous??

and the jelly

to make a wish upon a star and say something to the birthday girl…

Do you need another good excuse to drink that bottle of wine? Well good news, we’ve got just the thing! *wink*   these lovely Wine Bottle Floral Arrangements
 make such lovely decor for this Birthday

The flowers are just popping out of the bottle... and the cork it's still in the "air". Some burlap.. A metal tag and voila... Style :)

The food something nice and delicious.. Sushi!! 

A message with cookies. We loved details like this

This is how you do 45 in style!!! This lovely birthday was designed by IPS Event Planners  and held at Local Restaurant (Angie's World Cuisine in Coral Gables, Miami). It just goes to show that you can still bring personality and charm into a commercial space. Happy Birthday Miss....

Design IPS Event Planners
Cake: Jackie's Cakes
Food: Jackie's

A ladybug Birthday Party

I'm so excited to share this adorable party with you! I just styled a ladybug party for my little princess Valeria to celebrate her 3rd birthday. We did the party at the Miami's Children Museum. 
 The invitations turned out adorable ! And a birthday party just wouldn't be a party without matching stuff right?

I made a welcome sign to match the invitation...

The birthday girl wore an adorable ladybug  tank top specially made for her and the adorable tutu,  

Her outfit was a gift from my very, very good friend Aida… Out of this world my friend.. Just love it… So cute! Thanks!!

Yummy ladybug cupcakes were made by using my special recipe and decorated with fondant toppers… Ridiculously beautiful, 

Also I placed them on a ladybug cupcake holder with a candle for each kid… Isn't it every kid's dream to blow a candle in someone else's party??? Clever right?

Some pink candy, black licorice and chocolates were perfect for this ladybug theme… especially in a jar with ribbons

I made marshmallows pops, and chocolate sprinkles…  also chocolate covered pretzels

And the ladybug's and flowers with ladybug cookies they turned out fabulous!! 

and this cookies were just super cute…. 

and the ladybug coasters?

Some shots of the decor …

Custom bags for the desserts…

and more shots just because.. ;)

Lots of fun was had by all, with all the activities in the museum, delicious food & desserts!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl, Valeria!
Love, Mommy

Design: IPS Event Planners
Invitations and all printables: SpareTime Designs
Candy: Ohnuts
Party Supplies: Michaels, Joan Stores, Target