A la carte ! {Eat, drink and be married}

We are not planning menus but planning what your menu will look like - on paper or chocolate!  We pulled a few of our favorite unique menu ideas for your wedding meal

Menus are generally boring-but-necessary if you're having a sit down dinner with several meal options…  Here are some great ideas that we wanted to share...



After designing a menu layout, bride Anna trimmed wood veneer paper down to size and ran it through her inkjet printer. Punching holes in the corners of two sheets and tying them together with raffia created a freestanding display.


A menu for all to see.


Chocolate Menu, well they are certainly not budget-friendly, but they can do double duty as your wedding favors and of course they are our favorite option. Don't you agree?

I think the cootie catcher menus fit in with any kind of wedding because they add a bit of fun for your guests. Plus if you follow the link you will find this great:

Cootie Catcher Menu Template


To make this wine bottle menu, the original wine bottle labels were removed after the bottles had been soaked in water. The menus were printed on sticky paper and carefully adhered to the bottles

White paper doilies purchased in bulk were stained with tea for a vintage look; after drying, each doily was stamped with the menu text using a custom rubber stamp and then pressed flat with an iron.

We just love these adorable and super witty menu ideas...


Hurricane Isaac


Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday! Here in Miami we're prepping for Hurricane Isaac... I think we will camp in the living room tonight and maybe we will make some s'mores on a stick and popcorn :) and watch a movie :)
And for me: A cocktail... Here is the recipe :

CHEERS!! and be safe


Yield: 1 cocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


2 oz grenadine
1 ½ oz light (silver) rum
1 ½ oz dark (gold) rum
1 ½ oz orange juice
1 ½ oz pineapple juice
½ oz triple sec
½ oz lime juice


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker or glass with ice and shake or stir well. In a tall glass, fill with crushed ice and pour drink over ice. Garnish with an orange and a maraschino cherry.

Why yes, a pink cupcake will fix everything...

This is reserved for pink


Happy Friday!!

First Day of School

Today was THE first day of school!  
Valeria started VPK and GM started  homeschool Kindergarten…

How about these great photos? Just create a small sign that includes the school, the teacher, perhaps the date, and snap away. Years later it's a great way to see what your child was wearing, who their teacher was, etc. We snapped our own version this morning along with a few candids from drop-off.

Models: V & GM
Design: Tip Junkie

Valeria is 4!!!!

I can’t believe it. Our beautiful baby girl  is FOUR today! She is our sweet (and sometimes sassy) little princess who is pure girly girl. She loves purple, pink, shoes and dresses, also Ferrero Rocher chocolates (her favorites), also the little mermaid  Ariel and all the princess. She is very particular about what she wears. She makes her own combinations but don't get me wrong...  She love, really love dresses. She loves to sing and she loves to dance. She loves her daddy, mommy and her big brother, Gianmarco. We’re so proud of her and we can’t wait to celebrate her 4th birthday this weekend!

A little bit of us on Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated today  April 22nd to increase awareness of the Earth’s environment. It’s a great day to teach kids about recycling and saving energy.

Also wanted to share our  little vacation at the beach. 

We were talking about how we forgot to thank God for the blessings we have.

 We had the chance to just go for a walk along Cocoa Beach. It was so relaxing and awesome! I feel these little moments are such a treasure and I love to keep this memories with my family. There’s something about nature that is so incredibly soothing. 

Have you ever been up early enough where you experience the first moment when the sun comes out? 

It is powerful! All of a sudden, it is as if the lights are turned on. It goes from extremely dark, practically pitch black, to light. The air is so crisp and fresh in the morning. 
 It’s amazing! You should try it some time.
Happy Sunday

Pollen and Allergies

I don't know about you all but here in Florida we are covered in a nice thick blanket of pollen. It's a light yellow wonderland that wreaks havoc on allergies, car washes, and everything else outside.
Canopy roads and oak trees for days. Beautiful. Amazing. Lovely to look at. And in the month of March, everything here in sight is covered with yellow oak tree pollen. :)
I don't know about your city but I do think that most of the city's are landscaping sexist? Most North American cities plant male bushes, trees and plants than their female counterparts because they don't bear fruit or make seeds that drop on the ground the way female trees do. The downside? They create a pollen-saturated environment, which creates havoc for allergy sufferers.
As people with pollen allergies  already know, botanical sexism is alive and growing.

I don't know how much things would change if we change the way we plant trees. But I think I will be out of my home for a few weeks just waiting for the right time to comeback.

The only thing that I plan to do it's take my cats with me and close my house, put my awesome  ADT KEVIN alarm system, I really love it...  and then  I am ready to go.

See you (when I come back)


Sweet Ballerina Party

My niece, Isabella, has
a love for ballerinas. When I was shopping at the mall , I found some fun things that I can use for her birthday, the gasp she took help Marly, her mother, to decide the theme of her 6th birthday - a sweet ballerina party. Isabella's request: simple, LOTS of pink and whimsy.

We decided to to keep the party design simple and the budget small.  I used alot of what I already owned  for styling. 

The party  was held at the clubhouse pool. All the decorations has handmade tutus and we used a lot of pink!! 

The sweets are understandably always one of my favorite aspects of any party and the dessert table matched back to the entire theme. 
The birthday party started out with some mini desserts and lot of delicious cookies that his mother made also cupcakes and  other mini desserts. We served water, juices and lemonade  to drink. 

Isabella's had a very absolutely delicious cake made by a pastry chef. It was black cherry and  hazelnut filling and was  oh, so delicious. 
Each kid received a favor bag and some tutus candies.

Isabella  wore a beautiful outfit and her gorgeous headband was ordered by her mother and was made specially for her. The headband is as beautiful in person too!

The decor:
Pink was the obvious choice for a ballerina party, 

Another beautiful touch was a ballerina in a swing.

 I have a thing for swings and I found this ballerina in 
pink and I wanted to incorporate that in the party.

Pink Tutu Cupcake Tower –  how fun was to dress everything with it’s own tutu

Every detail of the party was carefully designed, and her beautiful photos speak a thousand 

We love how tulle is used throughout the event design, softly emphasizing the ballet theme.

The lovely birthday girl and my daughter:

A sweet birthday cake! 

The invitations:

My favorite party moment was watching her blow out her birthday candles. 

Love you Isa