Pollen and Allergies

I don't know about you all but here in Florida we are covered in a nice thick blanket of pollen. It's a light yellow wonderland that wreaks havoc on allergies, car washes, and everything else outside.
Canopy roads and oak trees for days. Beautiful. Amazing. Lovely to look at. And in the month of March, everything here in sight is covered with yellow oak tree pollen. :)
I don't know about your city but I do think that most of the city's are landscaping sexist? Most North American cities plant male bushes, trees and plants than their female counterparts because they don't bear fruit or make seeds that drop on the ground the way female trees do. The downside? They create a pollen-saturated environment, which creates havoc for allergy sufferers.
As people with pollen allergies  already know, botanical sexism is alive and growing.

I don't know how much things would change if we change the way we plant trees. But I think I will be out of my home for a few weeks just waiting for the right time to comeback.

The only thing that I plan to do it's take my cats with me and close my house, put my awesome  ADT KEVIN alarm system, I really love it...  and then  I am ready to go.

See you (when I come back)



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