A little bit of us on Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated today  April 22nd to increase awareness of the Earth’s environment. It’s a great day to teach kids about recycling and saving energy.

Also wanted to share our  little vacation at the beach. 

We were talking about how we forgot to thank God for the blessings we have.

 We had the chance to just go for a walk along Cocoa Beach. It was so relaxing and awesome! I feel these little moments are such a treasure and I love to keep this memories with my family. There’s something about nature that is so incredibly soothing. 

Have you ever been up early enough where you experience the first moment when the sun comes out? 

It is powerful! All of a sudden, it is as if the lights are turned on. It goes from extremely dark, practically pitch black, to light. The air is so crisp and fresh in the morning. 
 It’s amazing! You should try it some time.
Happy Sunday