Tron Legacy Themed Birthday Party {Real Party}

The party was held at Roxana's  house – a venue that has a beautiful lake view, pool and lots of room for the little ones. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to have the party outdoors as we planned.
Roxana and I had a lot of fun putting everything together for this Tron's theme party.

Dessert Table
There were a few ‘OMG’ moments that everybody had when they saw the elements of this table together.  Naturally we had blue candy, blue jello shots, mini tiramisu, lots of ribbon and some printables in  shades of blue, black and silver. In order to give the table a little more industrial and modern/villain look, we added some  metal trays and clear plastic trays and of course some Tron action figures.
We put a beautiful display of mini desserts (my personal favorite). We added some tron characters and we placed them on the table. 
We put in the middle of the table a race track that was made with cookies and of course the Tron's  motorcycles embellished with fondant.  It turned out amazing.

There is something really wonderful about fresh fruit, that both parents and children really enjoyed: Mellon Balls and Strawberries!!

The birthday cake was a yummy two tiered cake creation that Roxana made for his son's party with the help of the cake expert in the family, Fabiola, who helped us to put the fondant and the little "pizzaz" to it. 

The filling was Antonio's Favorite ever : Nutella. The cake and cupcakes 
were better than I could've ever imagined. Other cake table elements included, sugar cookies spelling TRON

And also several other smaller cakes made with puff pastry and filled with strawberries. They were delicious and easy to make.

Roxana made this custom discs for the party and added the neon lights... Simply Amazing!

Lot of custom labeled water bottles, Blue juice, and other refresments like fresh coconut

We recreated a scene of the party in the film TRON with a super cool DJ (the birthday boy's dad- DJ Tony P), techno-music and a whole bunch of laser lights and neon effects. The kids had a blast!!!

I forgot to show you the invitations that we found for free and then we added some elements to them... and I loved how they turned out... don't you agree?

Antonio's had such a great time with all of his friends and I think all the kids had a very good time. It was a fun day, can't believe he is already 7. Happy Birthday to you!! We love you very much.

Hockey Rules

Thanks to Roman May
Last year, my boyfriend got me interested in a new sport, hockey. I needed to look at the available directv packages so I was sure I had the channels that it came on. Even though my state had its own NHL hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes, I had never been to a game since I had never actually lived in Raleigh. We went to a few Washington Capitals games last season and I had such a good time. Having grown up in an area of the world where hockey wasn’t one of the more popular sports, I knew absolutely nothing about it. So, other the course of the last year, my boyfriend has had to teach me the rules and regulations of the game. Most sports usually make sense to me, but I am still struggling with the ins and outs of hockey. One thing that I still don’t understand is why there are three periods. After each one, the teams switch sides, but with only three periods, they aren’t able to be at each goal an even number of times. I, of course, need a reason why this is is the case, but apparently there is not one.