Hockey Rules

Thanks to Roman May
Last year, my boyfriend got me interested in a new sport, hockey. I needed to look at the available directv packages so I was sure I had the channels that it came on. Even though my state had its own NHL hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes, I had never been to a game since I had never actually lived in Raleigh. We went to a few Washington Capitals games last season and I had such a good time. Having grown up in an area of the world where hockey wasn’t one of the more popular sports, I knew absolutely nothing about it. So, other the course of the last year, my boyfriend has had to teach me the rules and regulations of the game. Most sports usually make sense to me, but I am still struggling with the ins and outs of hockey. One thing that I still don’t understand is why there are three periods. After each one, the teams switch sides, but with only three periods, they aren’t able to be at each goal an even number of times. I, of course, need a reason why this is is the case, but apparently there is not one.


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