A la carte ! {Eat, drink and be married}

We are not planning menus but planning what your menu will look like - on paper or chocolate!  We pulled a few of our favorite unique menu ideas for your wedding meal

Menus are generally boring-but-necessary if you're having a sit down dinner with several meal options…  Here are some great ideas that we wanted to share...



After designing a menu layout, bride Anna trimmed wood veneer paper down to size and ran it through her inkjet printer. Punching holes in the corners of two sheets and tying them together with raffia created a freestanding display.


A menu for all to see.


Chocolate Menu, well they are certainly not budget-friendly, but they can do double duty as your wedding favors and of course they are our favorite option. Don't you agree?

I think the cootie catcher menus fit in with any kind of wedding because they add a bit of fun for your guests. Plus if you follow the link you will find this great:

Cootie Catcher Menu Template


To make this wine bottle menu, the original wine bottle labels were removed after the bottles had been soaked in water. The menus were printed on sticky paper and carefully adhered to the bottles

White paper doilies purchased in bulk were stained with tea for a vintage look; after drying, each doily was stamped with the menu text using a custom rubber stamp and then pressed flat with an iron.

We just love these adorable and super witty menu ideas...



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