Stylish 45th Birthday Party

One of our dear friends just turned 45. This hot ladie in this cute dress is Angie... 

Well, we celebrated her birthday in his restaurant at Coral Gables, Florida. She's the kind of person whose house is truly a home, who will cook you the best food EVER, and that's why she is the Chef at this awesome place. She will turn just about any old party into a tequila dance fest. We are so lucky to know her and to call her friend. And If you knew her, you'd be lucky too.

So what to do, when someone fabulous like this turns 45? This hardly was up to par but we wanted to share anyway.

A photobooth :)

The cake wasn't it fabulous??

and the jelly

to make a wish upon a star and say something to the birthday girl…

Do you need another good excuse to drink that bottle of wine? Well good news, we’ve got just the thing! *wink*   these lovely Wine Bottle Floral Arrangements
 make such lovely decor for this Birthday

The flowers are just popping out of the bottle... and the cork it's still in the "air". Some burlap.. A metal tag and voila... Style :)

The food something nice and delicious.. Sushi!! 

A message with cookies. We loved details like this

This is how you do 45 in style!!! This lovely birthday was designed by IPS Event Planners  and held at Local Restaurant (Angie's World Cuisine in Coral Gables, Miami). It just goes to show that you can still bring personality and charm into a commercial space. Happy Birthday Miss....

Design IPS Event Planners
Cake: Jackie's Cakes
Food: Jackie's


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