23? You are gettin' owl !!!

I am sharing  with you this sweet party feature: "23? You are getting Owl Birthday Breakfast!!.
 I had such a fun time designing  this small but special breakfast party. When I started planning this one I knew that I wanted to have and Owl, they are cute and the birthday girl is a super cute, special young lady, isn't it?

Ok details… I tried a new recipe that a good friend of mine gave me… Yogurt and apple cake.. with almost not sugar… It was delicious, I just put some owls here and there and I think I looked pretty cool.

Also the cupcakes I saw it online and I tried to do it my own version… Well not everybody got the point .. (some of them think I was a little turtle, monkey, etc..) but the birthday girl .. got it.. She is an smart cookie.

We had fun and we did a mustache photo just because… :) not owl related ...

Ops I almost forgot to mention the coffee station.. whoooo wants coffee????

and my super duper cute multifunctional bottles.. I'm in love with them... never go out without them :)

Happy Birthday Almita!!!! xox

Design: Ips Event Planners
Cake: Ips Event Planners
Printables: HWTM


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