Chairs needs love too {Tutorial}

Don't limit the Christmas table decorations to the table. Chairs need love too.... Today I wanted to share a Tutorial that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. 

Felt in red and white
Printed template
Cute ribbons to decorate the reindeer and to close the chair covers.
Hand Punch
Hot Glue Gun


Print the template and Cut the reinders, stars and all the rest with the white felt (or other color that you choose)

Measure the back of the chair and cut 2 for each chair you want to decorate

Open the holes with the punch, so you can put later the ribbon

Take the reinder and glue the ribbon in one side, so you can make a bow later. 
Then you can apply hot glue to the red felt chair cover and put the rest of the decorations, like name tags, etc and finish closing the chair covers with a ribbon.


So cute and  festive! 

Merry crafting!

Haus De
 Bine Brändle.


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