The official WRAP UP POST!!!

I was looking for something else when it hits me.. That I need to do something about my christmas gifts... Oh yes I need to WRAP THEM!!! It's not fair that you spent hours picking the perfect gift and then put on a boring paper, so why not spend a little bit of creativity wrapping it? 

I saw several  ideas online but I couldn't find a cute christmas  that match my style for this year, So I decide to make my own paper , I just wanted them to have a vintage and modern look... also I want my christmas presents in black and white with a baker's twine look with a cute Sparkly, festive initial gift tags that I think are adorable!
This is what I did:

Some of them are just photocopys...  of these papers

And then I found a white paper on Target.. and I thought.. THIS IS IT! I will stamp my paper all over.. :)

I just love how it turns out....

The tags with my husband (Dad), Me (Mom), daughter (Valeria) and son (Gianmarco) Initials :)

I still Planning to do some newspaper flower bows, and adding some color on others. and it will be done 

But not everybody wants his presents in black and white .. so What about this fabulous ideas:


and this for a bottle of wine

Or this one, use your kids magnet letters to make this


Another one with white paper and lollypops and a cute ribbon a perfect combination.

Cloth wrapping anyone?
This is my favorite so far... Burlap? Just love it!!

Musical Notes? Yes, please

By the way... do you enjoy wrapping the gifts, or am I the only crazy one?
Happy Wrapping to you!!!!


KBeieris said...

Me encanta migita!! uan belleza :D!

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