Gift Guide 2011 - Part 2

Ok first of all... Thanks for all your emails.. :) That makes my day in so many ways

Second as I promised, here is the 2nd part of the gift guide 2011, glad you liked the first part so lets take a look at the second part because who wants another pair of socks or a staid sweater??? That's boooring!!

Now we are dividing the gift by categories,

For the wine lovers

Wine bottle Oil lamp kit you can find it here

A FABULOUS gift idea for the music AND wine lover!
Wines that rock... here

Don't drink and drive... but if you drive a bike and love wine. This gift is for you:

For the chef or foodie lovers:

Receive organic olive oil from your tree in Italy :) 
Adorable floradoodle rolling pin

In love with this spice rack

For guys:

Whisky Stones Ideal for cooling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor

This Handpresso outdoor set has all you need to enjoy your favorite espresso on the move.

For the little boys
This drumset from
Their parents and neighboors will love you, wink

On your mark, get ready, GO!!
Ultra portable mobile speakers


For little girls

For big girls

Don't have any sparkle? Every girl can use a little sparkle all year long, but if there were an official sparkle season, this would be it. 

Your morning could be more brighter and enjoyable with this nespresso Aeroccino Milk frother

A self stirring mug from

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is now in the mood for the holidays... 

ps: Organise a secret Santa dinner with your friends. You still have time :)


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