Potato Chips Anyone??

French fries are one of those things that should be easy, but sometimes are hard to get it right. You’ve got to use the best potatoes you can find in the market, then you have to cut them right and you have to cookfor the right amount of time at certain temperature or you can get Burned fries…. 

Potatoes are one of those essential food in a kitchen a very versatile you can make fries, mash potatoes, bake potatoes... the possibilties are endless.

But today I want to show you a Potato Chips with a twist...

I do love  fries, but sometimes you get bored to do the same thing everyday. When I discover this Potato Chips .. I was super excited to make it and yes  they are easy, fast and will surprise everybody in your house because they are original and super cute


  • OIL

PREPARATIONWash and peel potatoes. Cut  very thin potato slices. Place the parsley or cilantro on a potato slice and cover with another slice.  Fry in plenty of oil until golden, turning carefully. They must be ready in just one minute or less. So be careful.Enjoy your Potato Fries and Y'all make my day shiny and bright! Wishin' you the same!Credits: here


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