Cheese Matters

Looking for an excuse to sip wine and feast on Gruyère? Look no further

Just Say “Cheese”


Enjoying cheese is even more pleasurable when it is well matched with a suitable wine, yes you can never forget the wine  or even sparkling 
wine, because they are simply made for one another There are a few helpful "rules of thumb" when pairing wines with cheeses, but since much is based on individual preference, there are really no wrong choices. 

Give me a decent wine with an assortment of cheeses, a good bread and I am a happy girl! 

My favorite wine pairings:

  • Sauvignon Blanc is nice with blue cheese, goat's milk cheeses, Comte and Gruyere. 

  • French Champagne is also paired well with Real Brie or Fontina.

  • Cava goes well with Garrotxa Cheese

  • Lambrusco it's best served with Parmesan Reggiano (My favorite)

  • Rioja or Shiraz goes beautiful  with Manchego Cheese

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is paired well with harder cheeses such as sharp cheddars, Swiss, or Asiago

But How to host a Cheese Party

Get inspired by pretty and practical ideas for a Cheese Party

  • Start by sending guests invitations that fit the Cheese theme. These invites are cuting boards  with your invitation and a cute bow...


  • Or this one from Real Simple (Free Printable)

Free Printable can be found here

  • Nice decoration:  You can use a rustic chic look for decoration or a modern look.

Here are some ideas:

Chalkboard... because I just love chalkboard...  

Or this personal Cheese tray also can be used as a name card. 

If you use this cheese Tray. It was made from a Melted Pinot Noir Bottle now. Can be found here

Or this cute presentation with "mice".. Perfect for a Halloween Cheese Party :)

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with the details of this Cheese Table created by  the talented people Sunday Suppers!. The use of Cheese, in its blocks and wheels and the color palette used was cream and white... just perfect and chic!!

Don't you just love this Cheese Table??

  • Limit the number of cheeses: Cheese should be savoured, go for quality not quantity.
  • Determine how much cheese do you need : For a dinner party it is recommended two ounces of cheese per person, for a cocktail party one ounce of cheese it's enough but it's the focus of your party it's a cheese tasting, the experts says that you will need four to six ounces of cheese per person 
  • Remember, do not serve strong and mild cheeses next to each other and keep cheese separate from any other food so it doesn't acquire alternate flavorings
  • Stay away from crackers... Use a good quality bread.
  • Use corks as a part of decorations... easy and free :) because presentation it's EVERYTHING!!

Hope you have a day filled with tasty cheese and wine!!!


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