Aren't brown paper bags the best??? {More ideas than time-Monday}

Creating a candy display table for halloween  is a simple party addition. 
What are the basics?
Decide upon a theme
Incorporate the Halloween/Fall colors, 
Choose dessert selections
and of course decorate your own paper/candy bags to match everything above...

This post is about that... How to incorporate paper bags into your Halloween decoration... (told you yesterday that I was into full mode Halloween)

via Martha Stewart
This one is a simple skull made with potato stamps. You just need to scoop out the eyes, carve nostril and teeth with paring knife and apply acrylic paint to potato and stamp the paper/treat bag.

Sorry for the blurry picture (Iphone's fault  of course...) }:)

Owl Paper Bag: Super easy to make I got the idea from Lisa Storm, all you need is a paper bag and  scrapbook paper and you're "owl" set :) 
Here is another version

Here is another idea... just print some spooky labels, cut with your 2" circle punches and glue in your paper bags and you are done :)

Yes.. you can print in your paper bags... wink
via Pinterest

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