Back to the future ??

"You have TWO TV Sets?" These are the lines heard in the movie Back to the Future PART 1 when Marty McFly travels back to the year 1955 and meets his family; his then 10 year old uncle literally freaked out when he learned that the 1985 "nephew-from-the-future" Marty had not one but TWO TV sets in his house.... imagine that .... 2 BIG, BULKY, SPACE CONSUMING BOXES called Televisions. But that was 1985, fast forward to today and it looks just like the scene in the sequel where McFly is watching TV and having a conference video call thru a screen popping out of the ceiling, this looked "futuristic" when the movie came out but very familiar to what we are able to see nowadays in any household.

Technology has been very good to us and we should be grateful; imagine that one time we had to have enough space to accommodate another TV set and therefore we had to settle for a 13" BOX SET, whereas today we can have several 60" LCD or LED screens with not only TV functions but also music and video streaming, picture watching, computer screen and video conferencing hanging on a wall, weighing a fraction of what our old sets used to weigh and with picture quality comparable to a live scene. Let's not even get into 3D where we are leaping forward exponentially towards being able to be "IN THE PICTURE" ....

 How about that "Doc" Emmett Brown?. 

Let's not forget that space saving technology has come to our rescue as far as being able to actually live and function in smaller living spaces where nowadays we have individuals sleeping, bathing, cooking, eating, working and relaxing all in a 400 Sq.Ft. urban condo, so flat computer screens and TV sets whereas Plasma, LED or LCD play a very important role living us with the ability of using more efficiently our space to store all the junk that we have accumulated throughout the years, like those old Betamax tapes or  a cassette deck that we don't use anymore but still keep it "Just in case...."!!! and that's why I have my tv buying guide... 

Anyways, time for me to jump on my DeLorean and head back to my time....I will see you all when I get Back to the Future..... Hey MacFly here I come !!! 


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