Vroom-Vroom (Cars 2) 5th Birthday Party

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed doing this party for a very special and lovely kid! It was so much fun coming up with all the details to carry out through the party!

Lets get to some of the details:
We could not have had a nicer day, with better weather, and I was so happy with how this party turned out.

-The candy station consisted of vroom vroom chocolates to match the colors of course, cupcakes, twizzlers and lollypops and a beautiful homemade chocolate truffless that her aunt "Tayama" made it.... this was beyond awesome!!

Another view

In the desert table was the main cake because no birthday party is complete without an amazing cake (or cupcakes, which happen to be my personal favorite), and this party is no exception. Laura did a wonderful job adding creative touches throughout such as the buildings like in the movie cars 2. I’m also loving the super fun checkered favor boxes filled with some crayons and other cars stuff that the kids can enjoy after the party is over! What little boy wouldn’t love this fun birthday party?

The second dessert table.. isnt this kid lucky enough? 2 dessert tables? seriously?? well he had a beautiful jello in colors, home made flan (his Tati made it and it was the best flan EVER!!) and the mini mousses... :) (my favorite was the passion fruit one... yum, yum)

-The favors were these cute checkered boxes with some nice stuff with the race theme

A shout out to my talented amateur-photographer-husband Maurizio for capturing all these great memories.

-The food all had personalized black and white checkered labels

-The birthday boy wore a super nice outfit that his cousing pick it from him

This was a FUN party to plan--I loved the colors and the challenge of turning the theme of Cars 2 into something a little bit different! My friend went with a color scheme of red, royal blue, yellow & black. The 2 HUGE bouncers in the park were quite the hit with the little guys also the balloons added whimsy and depth to the entrance of the party.

All the cars themed printables are from IPS Studio designed by Alma Betancourt and Alma Abad our fabulous and talented designers
I have to admit, I’m looking forward to next year :]
Again Happy 5th Birthday Rodrigo

Plates, napkins, favors, Birthday Express
Food: Local Bakery
Cake: Todo Dulces
Invitations and Printables: IPS Studio  (Alma Abad and Alma Betancourt)
Jello: Alma Betancourt
Chocolate Truffles: Alma Betancourt
Flan: Mirtha Platas


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