I love you more than Chocolate!!!


I am the mommy of two  delicious, yet mischievous little kids.. my prince Gianmarco and my princess Valeria, and yes I love them more than Chocolate :)  and spend a lot of my time with them, and then I have the love of my life: Maurizio, so I consider myself a very lucky girl, *wink*  

However, there are those times when a nice cup of tea, a very pink and very floral table setting, sugar treats, a great dinner, glass of wine and a great group of friends help me indulge myself and we get  the perfect night. 

A friend of mine hostess a perfect dinner for us, just like that, awesome food, wine and the dessert was to die for..  yes everything was delicious…

this bonbon was to die for....

 I just need it to say it: Thanks  Anabel everything was great and beautiful…. xox


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