When life throws you lemons, please make Limoncello!!!

If you love limoncello as much as I do and if you drink, drunk or have gotten drunk on Limoncello or simply never tried but you would like to… it would be very nice to learn how make your own… Being my husband from Naples , Italy he knows the secret and does not share it with anyone including myself!!!! 

The first time I tried it….it was love at first sip!! With its sweet and not sour lemony taste….. It's made from the rinds and not the juice… It's sipped icy cold after dinner from cute small glasses. Not only is absolutely delicious, it's easy and inexpensive to produce… Perfect for a lemon party right??

So bad for me I have not being able to steal the secret recipe from my hubby… next time I will try harder to spy on him and learn how to make it… this time around i will only enjoy it ….very much….for sure…. cheers!!

Here are some pictures of the actual lemons used to produce his current batch- 
Lemons in liquor

and by the time limoncello came out.. the stories had gotten a little louder and the tales a little taller… 


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