Good Bye Summer, Hello Autumn

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Well, hello, fall. I didn’t expect you to arrive so soon. You’re my favorite season, so, of course, I’m excited you’re here...but in Miami we don't really see Fall... we only feel that the hot weather is cooling just a little tiny bit..BUT We know it's fall and that's all matter... wink. 
Pottery Barn
Today I am going to be so busy, have to go to brickell and then go to Miami Beach to meet with a client ... But I didn't want to leave with empty hands and I want to share some inspirational pictures that I found on Pinterest (my new crush)...

So hello Fall.. tell winter that go easy on us (HA! in Miami, are you kidding... is there anything close to winter in Miami? really???)  :)

By the way check out this cool pumpkin made with animal print... cool huh? I need to make one of these SOON!!!

Have a Happy Thursday!!! Please Enjoy your day

PS: Tomorrow I will put some guide"ish"  of nice things to do in Miami, Restaurants, places to go, keep reading


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