A true gem in Coral Gables - ABUC BOUTIQUE

A few months ago I discovered a great place to shop for great clothes, at first I did not want to share it since it was like my little secret but then I realized that it is too good to keep it from everyone since everybody deserves to look great and best of all be able to afford it! Ok, here we go....are you ready? Grab a paper and pencil, your iPhone, iPad or whatever it is that you use to keep a permanent record of something important and write down this address
300 Aragon Avenue #120 in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida-

You cannot miss the amazing array of casual and dressy clothes these girls have....yes I almost forgot, the owners are two amazing gals, Mindy and Patty, who happen to have great taste plus they do this “girls night out” thing once in a while with wine, cheese and hors d’oeuvres and best of 
all....everyone is invited!

Don’t miss it, next time you are out shopping spare the mall and the department store owned by a corporation with no face and no taste, and get a personal treatment at Abuc Boutique.... you won’t regret it and your bank account will be grateful!


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