This guest post from Lenny Mcknight
We looked into local home security offers and decided that we could get a better deal if we switched monitoring companies. I told the kids that I would take them to Disney World at the end of the year with all of the money that we saved. With the tickets being sixty dollars a person for one park, I am only going to be able to take everyone once! I will have to say that I absolutely adore Disney World. I have taken my kids before, once when they were really young. Now they are old enough to remember the trip. I know that they are just going to have the best time. I just haven’t decided which park we are going to visit yet. I think that the Magic Kingdom will be the best bet. There are lots of rides and they will get to see Cinderella’s castle. I think that we will try to take them to a different park every year if I can. I remember going as a kid and having such a wonderful time.


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