E is for Elephant {Baby Shower Party}

I designed this baby shower for a very special couple Enrique and Pili as the hostess Cecilia, asked me for help. Pili  chose The Elephant  theme which I think its a fun and vibrant combination. The color scheme was orange and blue. I incorporated a lot of elephants with those colors in mind.

Guests arrived to a fabulous terrace  with the beautiful ocean view.

We incorporated several tables to the event.
The cheese table, 

and I am in love with these little mice around the cheeses... it gave the extra pizzazz to the table, don't you agree?

The dessert table, I planned to provide an array of miniature desserts so the guest could sample several sweets. 

Cupcakes were topped with charming fondant toppers that IPS Sweet Project made especially for the event, 

Also custom sugar cookies were put in a whimsical  swing and It was the main attraction on this  table. 

The presents table and of course one for the food and drinks

The activities:
We planned to play a game about who's who… but the weather didn't cooperate. Was too windy but delightful and we played the other games and had so much fun.

A fun banner that said “hello baby!” and a elephant paint made by Edgardo Lopez was added to the back drop for color.

The favors:
Guests were given a sweet mini cotton muslin bag custom printed with coordinating elephant tags with of course more elephants. The bags were filled with several  baiochi cookies.

The floral arrangements on the cheese table were designed in mason jars and twine and a matching orange ribbon. 

I also designed the menus and I put on top of each one of them an elephant cookie.

The games were convenient and functional. They were individually handed to each guestand included a match blue wooden pencil to complete the “baby quiz”  also we played other games… drink your bottle and eat your food.. It was so much fun… and wishes for the 


All-in-all it was a wonderful baby shower and everyone had a lovely time celebrating with Pili and Enrique. 

Thanks to  the hostess of the party, Cecilia, and a huge thank you to my friends Moises, Edgar and Maria Beatriz for all your help! And a special thanks to my husband for the AMAZING pictures.
Photography: Maurizio Oronzo
Designs: IPS Studio and Bump Smitten
Sweets: IPS Sweet Project
Painting: Edgardo Lopez
Flowers: Moises Brador


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