Inexpensive Valentine's Ideas

Looking to make this valentine's special without breaking the bank?

Consider Handmade gifts! Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special…

I love to give them and I love to receive them. In my opinion they are the best!

Here are a few more personal favorites from the different craft projects… 

1.- Cookies in a Jar:
Put all the dry ingredients in layers in a mason Jar for an atracttive presentation. Decorate the jar with valentine's fabric and a red or a pink ribbon, attach the recipe with a string and you are done. These can be  great for teacher gifts or a neighboor. You can attach a wooden spoon to make it more special.


2.- For the coffee lover: homemade biscotti  in a handmade mug. This is quite elegant, and has a long life after valentine's. Hit the store (I found beautiful ones in the dollar store) and try to find a large hand-thrown coffee mug. You're after something colorful and substantial. Fill it with individually wrapped biscotti a cute ribbon and a label.


3.-Jars of homemade bath salts: As luxurious as they may seem, they are also inexpensive. Typical recipes are epsom or sea salt, baking soda, food coloring (use natural varieties), glycerin (vegetable-based) and your favorite aromatic spoils. Once again, it's all about presentation. Decorate the jars — and be sure to list the essential oils used, to prevent possible allergy issues.


4.- Photo coaster. 
Print your favorite photo. (I prefer black and white photos because they are more fun to use on this craft). 

5.- SMORES: Cute and inexpensive... just add a custom tag, twine and you are ready :)

and don't forget to do a BREAKFAST SURPRISE FOR YOUR FAMILY:

Start your family's Valentine's Day off right with a special breakfast. Shape into hearts everything that you possibly can, like pancakes and toast, and purchase holiday specific décor such as placemats and a tablecloth. Keep the color scheme red and pink with lots of berries and food coloring. You'd be surprised at how much more fun milk is to drink when it's pink.

In another post I am going to give you some ideas about valentine's Tables...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and everyone special to you!


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