Parents move to smaller home

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Thanks to Olga Quinn

My parents have definitely gotten a lot older. I know they get older and older as each year passes, but lately they have started losing their independence. I find myself having to help them more and more. I don’t mind because I knew this day would come, but I just didn’t realize how much work it would be. I finally convinced them to move into a smaller home. I didn’t want them to move, but their house was too big and it didn’t make sense. We sold the old house and bought a new one. Wow has it been a lot of work. I have basically done everything. I found the realtor and even looked at all the houses. I told my parents the top three and they chose from those. I had all the utilities hooked up and supervised the movers. I even supervised the Glendale home security install. Basically, all my parents did was sign the papers and walk in the door. I love them so much, but I think I might need a vacation after this.


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