Well my big boy is oficially  five!!!

And of course we celebrated in true dino-ROAR style, his new favorite. I've been thinking, planning and shopping  shopped for just the right fabric, props, gifts, favors, etc  I would say at the 5 month mark… Yes I know, I am a little nuts when it comes to planning my kids' birthday parties, what can I say; I have a little planner inside me ... Here are a few of the things I came up with:

Let’s start at the candy table, of course this was the kids’ favorite… and maybe a few parents favorite too and as usual the dessert table stole the show!  Bright and colorful, it literally makes my heart happy to see how this came together!  

While putting together my ideas for the party, I decided to incorporate a green and blue color palette, but something with fabric too... Polka dots, gingham

So I used green and blue polka dots cups for some desserts, clear cups for another, and the mini chocolate cups (my personal favorite...) Also cookies, brownies gluten free, green lollypops and of course blue and green m&m's
My mom made the beautiful runner with dinosaurs and also the best typical desserts "Arroz con Leche" and "Majarete" and the designs were made by our designer Alma at IPS Studios. A round of applause for both please!! Everybody loves it!!!! Because a cute presentation is everything, right?

Ready to step into a WORLD of colorful cuteness? This fabulous painting was specially made by Edgardo for my big boy, it's to die for, I used this painting  for my dessert table's background.
This photography was not taken by my photographer :) (that's why it's blurry)

I really love to think of new ideas to customize every detail!   Aside from the details, I put a lot of thought into the experience for the host and the guest!  I like to come up with things that set apart from other events! For that reason I wanted to do something a bit original with the kids table... I made a dinosaur menu, with burlap fabric and a green fabric dino on top! My talented friend Maria Beatriz helped me with the little details...The name tags were dinosaur bones cookies with the kids name on it...  and  I also made the dinosaur cupcake toppers and his birthday banner. 

Two centerpieces with Dinosaur Cookies were part of the decoration and I think everything turned out really super cute! Even the napkins were personalized with dinos and everything and just for fun some dinosaur masks :)
And another view

I used a lot of burlap fabric in the early planning stages and it made me think of the undergrowth forest and the path of the dinosaurs. C'mon people you need to use your imagination a little and you’ll be able to see it. Let’s face it, my Dinosaurs are blue and green so why can’t my forest be elegant with a splash of whimsy. {wink}

The favors? Personalized Cotton Bags.  I think they 
turned out quite cute

The food for the adults  was served as a buffet with Coordinating food tent cards labeled yummy eats such as mini paninis, asian style spring rolls, quesadilla and trio hummus.

The fabulous  backdrop with a burlap banners that says Gianmarco is Five! defined the space and an amazing cake from Jacqueline Ramos, she made all the beautiful dinosaurs and what about the cake knife that  I found  and it has its own dinoish personality... don't you agree?

and now one picture of the birthday boy... How cute is this little model of mine? What a Happy Boy!

and one more...

and the last one.. promise....

and his little sister of course :)

The party was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the food, the beautiful place  and all the little details of the event. I want to say a huge thank you to my family and friends (you know who you are) for helping me out to make Gianmarco’s birthday a success. A shout out to my talented photographer Marco for capturing all these great memories.
And a big, big, big thank you to my lovely husband.. Thank you for your support :)

Event Planning: IPS Event Planners
Cake: Jackeline Ramos cakes
Photography: Marco Palmieri
Designs: Ips Studio/Alma Betancourt and Polka Dot Prints
Desserts: Dalia Sterling
Runners: Dalia Sterling
Favors: Ips Studio
Dino Painting: Edgardo Lopez
Location: Cool de Sac, Miami Fl


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