10 things to do in November before Xmas


Well today it's 11/12/11 and I am done with this 11ish thing... it's Saturday the 12th and that means that we have 13 months until 12/12/12, let see if before the Mayan end of the world something else happens *wink 

ok.. now seriously I was thinking I need to make my list of things  to do before Xmas.....

This is what I did so far....

1.- Clean my closets... Take away those baggy jeans that you don't use and  mmm ....and make space for the new clothes that Santa will bring me :) ... Also donate some old toys, I am thinking about the new toys that are coming...  because I really hate to have small toys and parts  all over my house... I think there is a night elf  around my house with a part time job 

2.- Have you heard of a bucket list? Well Do one with the things you want to do in Xmas!!

3.- I really want to watch 24 Xmas movies  with my kids, in pj's, with hot chocolate and of course cookies and cupcakes...  can't wait to start !
So far this is my list: Polar Express, Grinch, "Tovellita in Xmas" (that's the name that my daughter gave to a movie of Shaun the Sheep), The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3, Peanuts in Christmas, Mickey Mouse Xmas, Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Train Express, Frosty the Snowman... sigh, need to think, think, think a few more

4.-  Have my Christmas Photo Taken... :) and make my christmas cards

5. Do all the Xmas Shopping before the mall gets too packed... THIS IS ALMOST DONE!! Just a few things here and there... I love to go to the malls but in Xmas, I  really try to avoid the stress... I just want to go to say HI to Santa :)


6.-  Buying all the essentials to do my christmas cookin': Pan de Jamon, Panettone, Gluten Free Panettone, Hallacas, Cookies, Cupcakes, and some bread :)

7. LOSE WEIGHT!! I am losing 20 pounds so when I gain 25 in Xmas.. I only gained 5 :) 

8. Doing all my Salon stuff.. Hair, eyebrows etc... before it gets packed.... 

9. Buy Christmas Outfits for my family : DONE

10. Finish some home decor, tags and enjoy a glass of wine... Cheers!!

By the way if you are in Orlando , the forecast is calling for sunny weather today and tomorrow and it is the last two days of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. A big Bon App├ętit to all the foodies out there! Don't miss this... 

Have a great weekend!!!


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