I mustache you a question... will you be my Valentine?

Mustaches are a hot trend! 
Pair it with a pair of red hot lips and you’re bound to have fun! 
This is what we did last week for our "valentines photo shoot... I just  love using old things and giving new things that old feel. 
And everyone got into character (lots of pics ahead!):

He have lot of fun...

Also if you want to do a card with mustaches, use this freebie

 from http://itsybelle.blogspot.com

She designed the "I Mustache you to be my Valentine's" cards so that the faux 'staches would fit perfectly over the mustache design. So with or without the stickable mustaches the cards would be cute.

Also you can bake up some cupcakes  and stick a mustache on it to give a good laugh.  I used chocolate molds, but you can use fondant, melted chocolate piped onto wax paper and then cooled, or even construction paper!  Kids would have a ton of fun cutting out their own mustaches.  Then stick them on to serve!



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