My adventure begins... Gm turns 7!!

Today my eldest, turns 7. He is such an amazing young boy, beautiful inside and out.

Latelu his favorite movie is UP. He is obsessed with CARS and everything DISNEY. I think he will work at PIXAR when he grows up ;)

Last night we celebrated with a photoshoot  and then we  watched the movie UP when the stars came out. 
We are celebrating his life.  I really hope these memories will be remembered for  long time to come.

As my little man gets bigger.. i just find myself cherishing EVERY MOMENT..
as a mother.. this is what i wish for my son. that he  feels LOVED and ACCEPTED.. that he  knows that I think the absolute world of him.. I also pray that he will come to and see the true meaning of life.. I just can’t get enough of  some little things.. it is the sweetest thing in life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GM... you are truly loved.



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