Valeria's Art Party. 5th Birthday

Valeria's Art Party will be a day that I will never forget. Here are some  of the photos of the adorable decorations and smiling faces at the party. Hope you all enjoy them! I sure did.

 Be ready for an overload of photos! You might want to grab a cup of hot chocolate while reading this post! 

Sweetest little birthday girl in her color/rainbow like outfit.

 The background has more than 300 butterflies... :)

Dessert Display

Valeria painted the number 5!!

Art Cookies
 Just love the color tutu...
Simple and sweet custom-non perfect doodle cake was designed and drawed by Valeria!! It was her idea. The top was made by my awesome friend Chana. Isn't she the best???

The Kids loved his Art Project Table

 I set up a small drinks station:

Purple Lemonade

 These are my favorite shots from the day. For one moment during the excitment Enrique and Naty (godfather  and godmother) had the attention of my little girl.

A rainbow cake with natural dyes. Made by Valeria and me!!! :) NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING IN THIS CAKE... YAY!!!

The smiles on their faces are forever etched into my heart.

Happy Birthday Princess! I hope you enjoyed your party!

Cake: Designed by Valeria!
Necklace: Ips Studio
Photography: Moz PhotoStudio
Local: Michael Store
Mason Jars Rental: Miami Kids Party Rental
Stilyst and Desing: Ips Studio


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